LaFollette High School Class of 1958
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LaFollette High School Class of 1958 - 1958 graduates

1. Who was the salutatorian of the 1958 graduating class?
A - Helen Anne Easterly
B - Don Payne
C - Linda McCarty
D - Laurette Sherrod

2. Who was valedictorian of 1958 class
A - Don Payne
B - Helen Anne Easterly
C - Laurette Sherrod
D - Charles Housley

3. What was 'big boom' on senior trip to Washington
A - Bomb
B - Gun Shot
C - Bottle of Champagne exploding
D - Car backfiring

4. Who was a 1958 Cheerleader
A - Deola Gray
B - Doris Perkins
C - Annie Ayers
D - All of the above

5. Who was the Drum Major in the band
A - Don Payne
B - Ken Snodderly
C - Sammy Nelson
D - Bill Ahrens

6. Who was president of the senior class
A - Wayne Heatherly
B - John Earl Long
C - Gail Rose Hollingwsworth
D - MaryAnn Davis

7. Who was a majorette
A - Amy Farmer
B - Irene Leach
C - Eula Goins
D - Wanda Hunley
E - All of the above

8. Who was the President of the student council
A - Helen Hicks
B - Wayne Heatherly
C - John Earl Long
D - Bob Rollins

9. Who was President of the Beta Club
A - Ken Snodderly
B - Helen Anne Easterly
C - Sue Nevils
D - Martha Johnson

10. Who was the sponsor of the Beta Club
A - Mary Louise Baird
B - L. Hope Dossett
C - I.L. Garner
D - Gladys Heatherly

11. Who was the Editor of the Valley Echo
A - Janice McCreary
B - Helen Anne Easterly
C - Betty Ray
D - Jeannie Ray

12. Who gave baccalaureate sermon
A - William Walkup
B - John Taylor
C - Vern Powers
D - Kenneth Miller

13. Who was coach of football team
A - 'Smiley' Miller
B - Ron Pinchback
C - John Taylor
D - Hope Dossett

14. Who were the co-captains of the football team
A - Jack Butcher and Frank Williams
B - Wayne Heatherly and Jerry Higdon
C - Marion Faulkner and Wayne Heatherly
D - R.J.Hodge and Jack Butcher

15. Who scored the most points in basketball during 57-58
A - R.J. Hodge
B - Leon Caldwell
C - Terry Claiborne
D - John Earl Long

16. How many classmates crossed the stage on graduation night?
A - 95
B - 101
C - 120
D - 125

17. Who in our class (didn't graduate with us but should have) fliped a girl on the rear with a rubber band.  About 4th grade.     Then they got into a hair pulling  fight until the teacher came in.
A - Dan Ridenour
B - W.D. Rector
C - Chester Siler
D - Everette Hensley
E - Wayne Ivey
F - Eldon Hicks

18. Who was the girl that was flipped on the rear?
A - Carol Wynn Parrot
B - Carol Trowbridge
C - Doris Perkins
D - Amy Farmer
E - Myra Lynn Russell
F - Phyllis Marlow

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